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Writing the Stars in London

Writing the Stars   Writing the Stars in London

A sequel to Writing the Stars

The stars say they’re soulmates, but will their secrets get in the way?

Anna and her boyfriend Jake move to London from New Zealand, and when Anna lands a job at Cara magazine, she believes all her settling-in problems are over.

Then she spots Jake having lunch with a beautiful blonde.

Jake says it was a chance meeting with an ex-girlfriend and there is nothing for Anna to worry about and he has no feelings for the two-timing Brooklyn. But Anna can’t get the woman out of her mind. If they have no secrets from each other, why didn’t Jake tell her about Brooklyn before?

When Anna finds herself sitting next to Brooklyn and Kirstie, a naïve reality television contestant, Anna talks her way into their conversation. She becomes friends with Kirstie and tries to boost her confidence when Kirstie begins working on a new reality competition to win a modelling contract.

Conscious that Jake said he wants nothing more to do with his ex-girlfriend, Anna doesn’t mention she has talked with Brooklyn, believing they’re not likely to meet again. So much for assumptions.

Anna hates that Jake kept a secret from her, yet her desire to help Kirstie means she is soon keeping secrets from him. When Kirstie and Brooklyn ask her to arrange some magazine interviews for Kirstie the trouble escalates.

But the biggest secret is the one Anna still doesn’t know.


Writing the Stars in London is the new sequel to Writing the Stars.



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