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Working smarter not harder

Posted on Sunday 29th May 2016 by Shauna Bickley

In this title I’m referring to the awful word procrastination. Whether we’re trying to get a first draft finished, editing and proofing a novel, on a work project or doing...

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Positive and Negative Character Traits

Posted on Tuesday 24th May 2016 by Shauna Bickley

When I first started writing I found it really hard to imagine my characters as anything other than beautiful, talented and clever. But in making them super-people they aren’t likeable...

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Posted on Sunday 17th April 2016 by Shauna Bickley

I have perfectionist tendencies — which at times tend towards the extreme end of the continuum. I’m not a perfectionist with everything, far from it. I can live with dusty...

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The Delights of Language

Posted on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 by Shauna Bickley

English is a funny language. My mother’s response to that would be, ‘Funny ha ha, or funny peculiar?’ I recently read a book where all the characters smirked rather than...

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Setting the Scene

Posted on Tuesday 16th February 2016 by Shauna Bickley

The setting of some books is determined by the events that happen while others are determined by the personalities and traits of the characters. For example, Lives Interrupted is about...

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Writing the Stars

Posted on Tuesday 9th February 2016 by Shauna Bickley

Writing the Stars is the title of my new novel. Anna is a woman trying to take charge of her life after dealing with a cheating boyfriend and losing her...

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Posted on Monday 8th February 2016 by Shauna Bickley

‘For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.’ Eugène Ionesco. If you’re not a writer this probably sounds sad, but it is definitely true. Writers come...

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Follow your Passions

Posted on Wednesday 3rd February 2016 by Shauna Bickley

I’ve sometimes been asked why I write. The answer depends on how I’m feeling and who is asking. There is nothing wrong in wanting to make money from writing, but...

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The Joys of Editing

Posted on Wednesday 27th January 2016 by Shauna Bickley

When I first starting writing seriously, I often wondered if I had what it took to complete a novel. What I was really asking was could I complete the first...

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New book – Writing the Stars

Posted on Wednesday 27th January 2016 by Shauna Bickley

I am thrilled that my new novel is finally ready to be unleashed on the world. Andrew of Design for Writers has done another amazing job with the cover, and...

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