Shauna Bickley

the Stars

Writing the Stars

Is love written in the stars?

How can Anna continue writing horoscopes? Her boyfriend has been cheating on her, and she is about to lose her job. She never saw that in the stars.

With her part-time astrology work not enough to pay the bills, Anna and her best friend Corinne start a Girl Friday business. They thought finding clients would be their biggest problem, but as the business expands their customers cause plenty of headaches.

As if they don’t have enough worries, Corinne decides the best way for Anna to rebuild her confidence is to get back into the dating scene and she persuades Anna to attend a speed-dating event. Anna knows exactly what she wants: no romantic complications.

She finds it easy to keep things light-hearted and relaxed with the guys she meets from the speed-dating, but a chance encounter with a stranger called Jake shakes her resolve to keep her life a romance-free zone.

The message in the stars isn’t always crystal clear and sometimes you need to take a chance.

Will Anna take that risk?

Writing the Stars is a warm, feel-good novel set in New Zealand.

It is a sweet romance with a lot of heart that will appeal to fans of Lucy Diamond, Susanne O’Leary, Mary Alice Monroe, Sheila O’Flanagan and anyone who’s ever read their horoscope!

This is the first book in the Horoscope Romances series.

The sequel, Writing the Stars in London, follows the adventures of Anna and Corinne in London. Both are standalone novels, or you can buy them in the boxset Writing the Stars Collection which also contains a novella about Nic and Lester.