Shauna Bickley

Winter’s Death

Winter's Death

A murdered author. Six suspects. Who’s next?

Lexie discovers the body of bestselling crime novelist, Beth Weaver, and finds herself at the top of the inspector’s suspect list.

Top of Lexie’s list are the three couples who are Beth’s only neighbours on the isolated Illwinter Road.

The prospective Member of Parliament and his wife who’d do anything to make sure he is the next MP.

The jewellery maker and her coffee-chain magnate husband with pasts they’d prefer to keep quiet.

Or the couple on the verge of divorce keeping secrets from each other.

All with something to gain, something to lose, and something to hide.

But, why murder Beth?

Are the answers hidden in one of her novels, or in her past?

Anxious that the police are looking no further than her, Lexie needs to find the murderer. But Beth had a lot of secrets.

Then one of Lexie’s suspects is murdered, and she discovers the body.

Are the two murders linked, and if so, who’s next?

The past isn’t buried deep enough.