Shauna Bickley

Jenny’s Story

Jenny's Story and Other Tales

Murder – a love story across the ages – and a second chance

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I write in several genres — crime fiction, romance and contemporary drama — and this compilation gives a taste of those.

Jenny’s Story

Jenny is struggling to cope with a life-changing diagnosis when she is caught up in the London bombings.

In Plain Sight

Lexie usually finds herself entangled in murders, but in this standalone short story she becomes involved in the cold case of an abducted child.

A Private Investigation

Lucy works as a receptionist in a Private Investigator’s office, but when she discovers a dead body she has to find the murderer before the police.


Nick and Alice were the couple, but now Alice has to confront the end of their love story.

In the End

Not all monsters lurk in forests or caves, some hide behind masks of charm.

Callie needs to escape the monster living in her home before he destroys her.


Shauna Bickley has a gift for capturing realistic human emotion in the depths of everyday existence. These short stories are all character-driven, featuring relatable, believable people. The first and longest, “Jenny’s Story,” ties into the novel Lives Interrupted, which I also recommend. “In Plain Sight” is a tension-packed story of suspense and mystery in which the protagonist’s daughter starts being stalked by a woman whose similar-looking daughter went missing three years ago. “A Private Investigation” is a murder mystery with a twist you won’t see coming. “Footprints” and “In the End” lean toward the darker end of the spectrum, starting out seemingly benign but gradually moving into the horrifying and/or somber side of storytelling.

Whether you prefer heartwarming or heart-rending, there’s a story in here for you.