Shauna Bickley

Jenny’s Story

Jenny's Story and Other Tales

A love story across the ages. Murder. And a second chance.

Note from Shauna:

This collection can’t be purchased online. It is a special gift from me if you’d like to join my book club newsletter.

I read quite widely and I like to write in several different genres as you can tell from the Books page – crime fiction, romance and contemporary drama.

To give you a taste of each I have created Jenny’s Story and Other Tales, a compilation of stories. Some feature characters from my novels while others showcase different styles and genres.

If you like strong heroines, suspense and emotionally-driven writing, then you’ll love this multi-genre collection.

It includes:

Jenny’s Story: Jenny is struggling to cope with a life-changing diagnosis when she is caught up with the bomb explosions in London. This is a parallel story to Lives Interrupted.

In Plain Sight: A Lexie Wyatt standalone story. Lexie becomes involved in the cold case of an abducted child.

A Private Investigation: A young woman working as a receptionist in a Private Investigator’s office finds a dead body.

Footprints: The breakdown of a contemporary relationship set against the survival of people who lived 20,000 years ago.

In the End: A psychological tale of a young woman attempting to escape a modern monster.

In addition, each story has a short introduction outlining the inspiration and background to the tale.

This collection can’t be purchased online. It is a special gift from me if you’d like to join my book club newsletter.



Shauna Bickley has a gift for capturing realistic human emotion in the depths of everyday existence. These short stories are all character-driven, featuring relatable, believable people. The first and longest, “Jenny’s Story,” ties into the novel Lives Interrupted, which I also recommend. “In Plain Sight” is a tension-packed story of suspense and mystery in which the protagonist’s daughter starts being stalked by a woman whose similar-looking daughter went missing three years ago. “A Private Investigation” is a murder mystery with a twist you won’t see coming. “Footprints” and “In the End” lean toward the darker end of the spectrum, starting out seemingly benign but gradually moving into the horrifying and/or somber side of storytelling.

Whether you prefer heartwarming or heart-rending, there’s a story in here for you.