Shauna Bickley

In The End

In The End

Murder – A love story across the ages – and a second chance

In The End contains stories of various lengths and genres.

A Private Investigation
Lucy works as a receptionist in a Private Investigator’s office, but when she discovers a dead body she needs to find the murderer before the police.

In Plain Sight
When a woman targets Lexie’s daughter in a park, Lexie becomes entangled in a child abduction cold case.

Jenny’s Story
Jenny is struggling to cope with a life-changing diagnosis when she is caught up in the London bombings.

Nick and Alice were the couple, but now Alice has to confront the end of their relationship.

In the End
Not all monsters lurk in forests or caves, some hide behind masks of charm.
Callie needs to escape the monster living in her home before he destroys her.

Shauna writes across several genres, combining crime and mystery with contemporary drama. This collection showcases that variety.

The stories also vary in length. The longest is just over eighteen thousand words while the shortest is around three thousand. To put that in perspective, eighteen thousand words is around one-quarter of an average length novel.