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What’s a perfect life?

Posted on Thursday 30th March 2017 by Shauna Bickley

I recently read ‘My (Not So) Perfect Life’ by Sophie Kinsella. The story is about a country girl who’s always dreamed of living in London but finds the reality harder than she thought. She imagines that her boss, work colleagues and her friend in New York are all living a perfect life while she has a rotten flat, awful flatmates and can barely afford to stay in London.

I doubt many people have an absolutely amazing life one hundred per cent of the time. When things aren’t going so great for us, we tend to look at the people around us and imagine they have a fabulous life with none of our problems.

So, what is a perfect life? What are the elements that make this perfect existence?

My guess is that these are impossible questions to answer. The elements for perfection will be different for each of us, and probably different at various stages in our lives. When I was younger, my idea of a perfect life was vastly different to what I’d consider now.

Last year, just before Christmas (the week before Christmas actually), we moved. There were good reasons for moving that close to Christmas, or so it seemed in September, but the reality was a little more stressful and not something I’d recommend. However, that’s now a couple of months in the past and the memory is fading!

It was the biggest move we’ve made in a long time — out of Auckland to a small town a couple of hours south, and a lifestyle change as we now live on 1½ acres. To anyone who lives/works on a farm or orchard this will be nothing, but it’s certainly more land than we’ve had before.

Archway      Pink

I absolutely the peace and tranquility and working in the gardens, not to mention eating fruit and vegetables that we’ve grown, although the flowers are more photogenic! I also love my office in the house and having a great place to write and work.

Pink 2      Rose

Since we moved here we’ve had a number of friends and family visit. Some love it and are a little envious, others like it for a visit but you can tell it’s not what they would choose. Both of those are fine because I love it here, however, I wouldn’t have loved it when I was younger.

What’s your idea of a perfect life — apart from winning the lottery!

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