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This Time Last Year…Road trip

Posted on Sunday 23rd August 2020 by Shauna Bickley

With travel from New Zealand off the agenda for the foreseeable future, writing these posts and sorting through my photos has brought back some wonderful memories of people and places we visited last year.

Through the first part of August we made road trips to different places around England and Scotland to see friends and visit some new locations.

We stayed with family in and around Bristol and Bath between different trips and below are some of my favourite spots: Christmas Steps near Bristol city centre, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Clifton Suspension bridge (photos of the bridge and views of the gorge from the bridge).

Bath is a beautiful city and as well as spending time in the centre we had some lovely walks along the Kennet and Avon canal.

Living overseas for so many years, you tend to forget the history in the buildings and architecture and how many castles there are!
Arundel Castle in Sussex.

The stunning Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile.

Castell Coch (Red Castle) is a far more modern castle than most, built in 19th century but it is a favourite of mine. It’s visible from the motorway just outside Cardiff, and when my daughters were young they called it Sleeping Beauty’s castle. As a contrast, the ruins of Ogmore Castle, Wales.

As well as castles there are thousands of amazing old buildings: cathedrals, churches, schools, houses… and anything else you can think of.
Wells Cathedral, Arundel St. Nicholas, Bristol Observatory, buildings near the old city wall of York, the wall, and part of York Minister and the view from the top of the tower.

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  • Some great places in your photos, Shauna. They stir a few memories!
    It’s years since we went to Edinburgh but I remember our trip fondly. We went down to Leith one evening and ended up in a packed pub listening to live music from a guy singing 1920s speakeasy songs to piano accompaniment. It was mesmerising!
    We’ve spent a lot of time in beautiful Bath in the past researching family history, as my husband’s ancestors came from there. Wonderful to find the places mentioned in the census where they lived.
    We once did an impromptu castle tour in Wales in our campervan. It wasn’t planned but we ended up visiting loads of castles during the trip, though it didn’t include Ogmore or Castell Coch, so some options for another time!
    I’ve wandered around Bristol on many occasion but I’m not familiar with Christmas steps. Must check them out next time. We tend to centre around the docks when we go. I love visiting the SS Great Britain. Fantastic ship.
    I love York! We went several years ago in a heat wave and stayed in a pub right in the city walls. Fabulous spot. But it was so hot at night – we nearly melted! We loved walking the walls and looking out across the views, both inside the city and beyond. Love the cobbled streets, too.
    Thanks for prompting memories of all those trips!

  • Hi Wendy and thanks for sharing your memories.
    Looking through the photos of these trips over the past weeks of this time last year has been fun and I’m so glad that I kept a travel journal to jog my memory of exactly where we were on each day. York and Edinburgh were new places for us but we enjoyed them immensely.

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