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This Time Last Year… Cyprus

Posted on Saturday 13th June 2020 by Shauna Bickley

Over the past months I’m sure I’m no different to many people in thinking how different this year is compared to last year. Words like social distancing and the idea of populations staying in their homes for extended periods weren’t even on our horizon.

This time last year we were on a trip through parts of Europe. Now, seeing photos of Rome, Milan, Venice and many other places deserted of tourists and visitors brings back memories of those cities packed and pulsing with life. But this isn’t a morbid post as I had a wonderful time and created many happy memories and it’s those that I enjoy reliving.

This time last year we were in Cyprus. We lived there a lot of years ago when we were first married and had a wonderful few years. The island’s towns have changed so much that there were only a few places that we recognised, one of those being the Roman amphitheatre at Kourium. It’s a fabulous place to visit both for the historical references and for the scenery as its set above the beaches and beautiful coastline.

For anyone who has been to the busy resort of Paphos, we remember it as a small fishing village and Kolossi Castle without houses quite so close.

One morning we drove up the Troodos mountains. We did that on numerous occasions when we lived in Cyprus, but one of our favourite memories is a drive we made in December of too many years ago. As Cyprus is a Mediterranean island many people don’t realise that there is snow in the Troodos Mountains in winter. Back then, we took a photo of me in front of a red telephone kiosk as it seemed so weird seeing one near the top of the mountains. On this trip we wanted to discover if the kiosk was still there. The village isn’t very big and isn’t too different to how it was, slightly larger with a few more cafes. We found the old building where we thought the kiosk had been situated, but no telephone kiosk. In the car park over the road there was an elderly man selling fruit and so we asked him if he remembered them. He did, and told us at one time there had been three in the village but the one we remembered had been removed.

One of the interesting things about memories is how much they’re linked to food — or is that just me? I’m happy to say that while the places have changed many of the local dishes that we remembered and enjoyed still tasted as good.

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