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This Time Last Year… Cornwall

Posted on Tuesday 11th August 2020 by Shauna Bickley

After our travels around Cyprus and parts of Italy, we spent just over a month visiting family and friends and seeing places old and new around England. One of my favourite areas is Cornwall closely followed by Devon. I have set several of my books in Cornwall inspired by the rugged coastline and beautiful scenery. During the week we spent in Cornwall we also took a trip to the Isles of Scilly which was a first for us. During our visit I was interested to see some Pohutukawa and bottlebrush trees which I hadn’t seen outside of New Zealand before.

The Cornish beaches are beautiful and walking from one cove to another generally involves a steep trek over the rugged headland. The colours of the heather and gorse on the hills are stunning. In our local town here in New Zealand, we have an old Cornish Pumphouse celebrating the gold mining history of the town. Every time I see ‘our’ pumphouse it reminds me of this one — the scenery isn’t quite the same in town, but brings back good memories.

Any visit to Cornwall has to include a clotted cream ice-cream or a cream tea and not forgetting a fabulous Cornish pasty! Apologies that there aren’t any photos of those, the evidence was eaten!

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  • Coincidentally we were also in Cornwall this time last year, in Fowey (pronounced Foy). Though we live a tad closer than you, in Devon! We rented a cottage on the edge of the estuary and watched the boats going up and down past our little terrace. Earlier this year, before Lockdown, we stayed on the Cornish coast and walked the costal path to the Botallack mine which has a number of pump houses like the ones in your photos. Fascinating history.
    We are regular visitors to the Isles of Scilly, too. We had a trip booked this year but managed to move it on to 2021. Let’s hope by then we can safely enjoy our travels again! Meanwhile, we’re lucky enough to live in a beautiful spot in the middle of Devon so it’s no great hardship to spend time at home.

  • Devon is indeed a beautiful place to live and I hope you’re able to make you’re trip to the Isles of Scilly next year.
    Thanks Wendy for sharing your memories of Cornwall and the coastal walk and I enjoyed our Twitter conversation.

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