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Things I Love About Summer

Posted on Monday 22nd December 2014 by Shauna Bickley

With just a few days to go until Christmas this may seem like a funny post, but here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re enjoying long summer days, and so I thought I’d write down a few of the things I love about summer (in no particular order):

Strawberries (and other summer fruit, but strawberries are my favourite)
Outdoor gatherings with family and friends
Long lingering daylight evenings
Pohutukawa trees in bloom
Ice cream
The luxurious feeling of cruisy days because it’s too hot to rush around
Wandering around the house and garden (or beach) barefoot
Out door films/events
Walks on the beach (they’re great all through the year but especially in summer)
Daisy chains
Driving around with all the car windows open
Reading at the beach or park (reading anywhere to be honest!)
Smell of freshly cut grass, honeysuckle and jasmine
Cool breeze on a hot day
Easy BBQ and salad meals
And lots more.

Last night we went to a carol service being held in a local reserve (park). It was wonderful to sit out on picnic rugs enjoying the sunset and singing together.

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere takes some getting used to if all you’ve known is Northern Hemisphere snowy celebrations. At the moment all the windows and doors are open, and it’s still hot. I feel a little sorry for the shopping mall Santas dressed in their warm red robes while the rest of us are in t-shirts and shorts.

The schools have just shut down for the long summer break, which means Christmas and New Year holidays tend to stretch well into January as families head off to the beach. We have to wait longer in the evenings to enjoy the Christmas lights and many of the words to traditional Christmas songs don’t really make too much sense for Christmas here, but I can handle that as I enjoy summer.

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