Shauna Bickley

The Shape of a Year

Posted on Sunday 31st December 2017 by Shauna Bickley

I think the year has a shape.

I’ve never liked winter much. When I lived in the northern hemisphere, I used to think of January and February as cold, dark months that only existed to make us wait for March.

March can be cold, but it brings possibilities: spring flowers and a lengthening of the day — and my birthday!

April is the hope of real spring, warmer weather and summer around the corner. From then until September/October life was good. Autumn brings beautiful colours but also the thought of winter.

I lived in the north of Scotland for a couple of years where winter days (and daylight) are very short,  but those long summer evenings are wonderful.

Moving to New Zealand changed the shape of my year. December, January and February mean summer and the beach, and therefore aren’t the dark months I had associated with them for so long.

For the first eighteen months or so, I took every day, every season as it came, not thinking too hard about what month it was, which meant it wasn’t so confusing!

Daffodils in September! Lambs and calves soon after. Easter during autumn and Christmas in summer!

The shape of my year has changed, but ultimately how I approach each one is up to me.

Now is what we have. We need to make the most it.

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