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That Time of Year

Posted on Wednesday 31st December 2014 by Shauna Bickley

Once again, and far faster than I’d imagined it, here we are at the end of the year. As I write, we have another sixteen hours until we’ll all be wishing each other a happy New Year.

I find it interesting and funny that because of the calendar we use, we have this arbitrary date that ends one year and starts another, and because of this we feel impelled to look at improving ourselves and making resolutions, many of which we’ll have broken within a few days.

In 2015 I intend to do more of the things that make me feel happy, positive, creative and content and less of the things that don’t.

By my standards (and they’re the ones that count for me), I’ve had a productive 2014 in writing, which makes me feel good, and I want to keep on feeling that way. I think it’s been productive because I set some reasonable goals that also stretched me. I didn’t set them at the beginning of the year, but chose a time that worked for me – part-way through November last year, if you’re interested!

It felt good to achieve those goals, and feeling good about yourself is a great thing. We need to do it more often. Because I achieved those targets I’ve made the stretch a bit more this time. I’ll let you know how it goes, but in the meantime have a great end of 2014 and happy New Year.

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