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New Release: Writing the Stars in London

Posted on Monday 31st August 2020 by Shauna Bickley

I’m thrilled to announce my latest book, Writing the Stars in London, is now live and ready to read. To celebrate the release of the new book I decided to give the first book, Writing the Stars, a make-over and both novels have fabulous covers created by Andrew of Design for Writers.

Anna, the main character, writes horoscopes and I wanted this idea included in the cover. If you look closely behind the titles of both books you’ll see a very subtle zodiac image. The location of the second book is London and Andrew added the London skyline under the title to emphasise the setting, and then added the Auckland skyline to show the setting for the first novel, although I doubt anyone other than a Kiwi would recognise the Sky Tower.

I had the initial idea of Anna King and her job (and love) of writing horoscopes when I discovered that a friend of a friend wrote horoscopes. What a fabulous occupation for a character, especially if everything is going wrong in her life and she didn’t see that in the stars! And so, Anna and Writing the Stars was born.

Writing the Stars in London follows Anna and her good friend Corinne to London. Anna begins helping a friend who wants to win a reality show competition, but it adds a layer of secrets and complications to her life.

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