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Here comes 2020

Posted on Tuesday 31st December 2019 by Shauna Bickley

Most of the media that I’ve read over the past few days (weeks even) has been swamped with ‘best-of’ lists of items or events from the past year/decade — books, films, television programmes, music, sporting events etc — so I promise no lists, best of, or otherwise, in this short post.

It’s just about impossible to get to this point of the year without at least a little look back at the year just about gone. Like most years it has had good times and bad, but then, doesn’t that sum up life.

As this is my website I’ll stick to a few personal highlights rather than the wider media type happenings.

2019 started in spectacular fashion with New Zealand’s Inaugural Crime Writing Festival, Rotorua Noir. It was a fabulous event and I was happy and excited to attend and take part in one of the panels. Just a few weeks later in March our writer’s group got together for a weekend writing retreat just out of Kerikeri in Northland. It was a wonderful weekend of writing, motivation and spending time with a wonderful group of people.

I’ve been really fortunate this year in being able to spend a period of time travelling in Europe, visiting some places I hadn’t seen before and revisiting some old haunts. It was a wonderful time catching up with family and friends. When we arrived back in New Zealand our citrus trees were in full production mode and so the next weeks whizzed past.

The final three months of the year also rushed past, this time in a haze of editing and polishing two books that I’d (fortunately) started late last year / earlier this year — that reminds me of the old Blue Peter comment, ‘…and here’s one we made earlier.’  This included a second New Zealand Christmas romance, The Second Chance Christmas, and putting together a festival compilation of that book and A Kiwi Christmas Romance. Last year I wrote a second Lexie Wyatt crime novel and I’m thrilled that is now published as The Worst Lie.

With those projects now finished my head is now full of ideas for a sequel to Writing the Stars, this one set in London, and then a third Lexie Wyatt crime novel.

See you in 2020. However you celebrate, have a good one.

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