Shauna Bickley

100 word exercise

Posted on Saturday 30th May 2020 by Shauna Bickley

I mentioned in my previous post that during lockdown our writing group held weekly Zoom meetings and worked on writing exercises that we shared. For our 100 words exercise I wrote two pieces. Here is the second, not a story and not poetry, but I think it tells a tale.

Isolation: separate, solitude, seclusion, aloneness or loneliness

Community: of one or two, or perhaps three or four depending on your home situation

Bubble: a new meaning for home and family

Communication: a smile and wave from across the street, a socially-distanced conversation with neighbours

Friendship: conducted via a screen

Essential: not the things I might have previously considered

Essential workers: without a doubt the doctors and nurses, and now joined by those stacking shelves and working at the checkout

Normal: the time before

After: I wonder often about after

The things I miss: a hug from my daughters.

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