Shauna Bickley


I write crime novels featuring characters who aren’t afraid to solve mysteries, find murderers, and generally get themselves in all sorts of danger. In real life, I don’t do any of these things.

When I can’t come up with a murderous plot, I like to write about ordinary people pushed into extraordinary situations. Underneath all that criminal intrigue is a true romantic who likes to see the magic and mystery in everyday life.

When I’m not writing (or surfing the internet pretending to do research), you can find me reading, running (or more likely walking), coming up with excuses not to attend Zumba, and trying to find new ways to use the excess fruit from the trees in the garden.

In addition to novels, I also write short stories and I have had short fiction published in the Awesome Indies Anthology, Bravado, non-fiction articles in The New Writer, and appeared in several competition anthologies.

I was born in England and after a lot of exploring and travelling, I now live in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, close to some beautiful beaches.shauna-bickley-1-500x802

I’m always happy to talk about creative writing skills, e-publishing or other writing associated topics in workshops or meetings.

I like to hear from people, but only if they’re friendly and don’t ask hard questions. To find all the ways you can get in touch with me, take a look at my Contact page.