Shauna Bickley

Lives Interrupted

Lives Interrupted

She’s fighting for her family’s survival. He’s playing a dangerous game with their relationship…

Rosa is desperate to make ends meet for her family. With her husband Matthew out of a job, she struggles to pay the mortgage and bills. As she’s pushed to the brink of hopelessness, her only option may take her down a dark path that could change her forever.

Matthew doesn’t know where to turn. After concealing his depression and pain from his wife, he can barely cope with his new full-time responsibility of looking after their young son. But his despair drives him to risk everything when he starts an affair.

With the couple’s relationship hanging by a thread, a London terrorist attack and a selfish decision unleash devastating tragedy.

Can Rosa and Matthew ever recover from a betrayal that wrecks their lives?

Lives Interrupted is a powerful contemporary drama that explores the far-reaching consequences of personal trauma. If you like flawed characters, family dramas, and life-altering challenges, then you’ll love this emotional rollercoaster.


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