Shauna Bickley

Lies of the Dead


How well do we know those closest to us?

Liam is a charismatic smooth-talker, but when the police accept his disappearance as suicide, his older brother Tom finds it difficult to believe and needs to discover what really happened.

Tom and his sister Andi search for answers, but they don’t know who they can believe as they discover that Liam’s friends and associates aren’t the people they claim to be. The search propels them into a world where their ideas of right and wrong don’t exist. Where criminals threaten them and their families and demand what they don’t possess.

Liam’s legacy of deceit is dangerous, and when Tom follows their trail Andi and her twin daughters are kidnapped. Only then does Tom realise the truth may have too high a price.

What would you risk to find the truth?

Lies of the Dead is part mystery, part thriller with a little romance and lots of twists and turns.

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