Shauna Bickley

Lies of the Dead

Lies of the Dead

Family secrets can be deadly…

Liam is a charismatic smooth-talker, but when the police accept his disappearance as suicide his older brother Tom doesn’t believe them and begins a deadly hunt for answers.

He is followed and threatened by a criminal gang who demand the money they claim that Liam owes them.

Liam’s legacy of deceit is highly dangerous, and when Tom follows his trail, his sister Andi and her daughters are kidnapped. Only then does Tom realise the truth may have too high a price.

Can Tom follow Liam’s trail and find what the criminals want before they exact their punishment?

Lies of the Dead is part mystery, part thriller with a little romance and lots of twists and turns.

It is a stand-alone novel and has received a B.R.A.G. Medallion and an Awesome Indies Award.


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