Shauna Bickley

Jenny’s Story

Jenny's Story and Other Tales

Jenny’s Story and Other Tales takes you from London to New Zealand and from footprints made twenty thousand years ago to the current day. They span bombings in the city, a small town murder and the full range of human emotion, exploring themes of jealousy, regret and loss, while chance also plays a role.

Jenny’s Story: Jenny is struggling to cope with a life-changing diagnosis when she is caught up with the bomb explosions in London.

Jenny’s Story was initially going to be part of the novel Lives Interrupted.

In Plain Sight: Lexie Wyatt becomes involved in the cold case of an abducted child.

A Private Investigation: A young woman working as a receptionist in a Private Investigator’s office finds a dead body.

Footprints: The breakdown of a contemporary relationship set against the survival of people who lived 20,000 years ago.

In the End: A psychological tale of a young woman attempting to escape a modern monster.

Each story has a short introduction outlining the inspiration and background to the tale.

The stories vary in length with the longest a little over eighteen thousand words and the shortest around three thousand words (eighteen thousand words is around one-quarter of an average length novel).