Shauna Bickley

A Kiwi Christmas Romance

A Kiwi Christmas Romance

Two sisters plus one special Christmas. How hard can it be?

Lauren and Poppy Munro are set to spend the Christmas holidays with their parents in the small town of Clearwater Bay on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.

December brings the start of summer, and Lauren, an uptight workaholic, knows she can’t miss Christmas with the family again. But can she get through the holidays without them finding out that she’s lost her job?

Meanwhile, Poppy has finished with her boyfriend after discovering he was married. She has no intention of letting anyone else fool her. However, after saving a handsome holidaymaker is she going to make the same mistake again?

Lauren always keeps emotions at a distance, the further the better, and this Christmas she’s focussed on managing her job anxiety levels. But, when she bumps into Dylan, one of her old high school group, keeping her emotions under control becomes just about impossible.

A heart-warming read of romance, family, friendship and a different kind of Christmas down-under.

The sequel to this novel is The Second Chance Christmas. Both are standalone stories with some of the same characters.