Shauna Bickley


shauna-bickley-1-500x802 I was born and grew up in Bristol, England and started travelling in my late teens. I lived in Cyprus for a couple of years and then kept on moving. I’ve lived in a number of countries and never thought I’d find somewhere to call home until I arrived in New Zealand. I now live within walking distance of a beautiful beach in Auckland, and while I still love travelling, I always enjoy coming home.

To indulge my fiction writing habit, I write technical manuals and training materials. In the past I’ve trained subjects as diverse as computer systems, presentation skills, personal efficiency and a few other things I’ve long since forgotten. I could probably do with some personal revision on the efficiency materials!

In addition to my novels, I have a short story published in the Awesome Indies Anthology, and I’ve been published in Bravado (a New Zealand literary magazine), as well as several competition anthologies and had writing articles published in The New Writer.

I’m always happy to talk about creative writing skills, e-publishing or other writing associated topics in workshops or meetings.

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About Writing

Writing is not an overnight process – if only it were! Getting your ideas down on paper (computer, laptop etc.) is only the beginning, which is why editing is probably more important than the initial writing.

In a short story, or article, each word has to work and have a purpose.

To illustrate the power of a few words, here is a short story I had published in 7 Days (Legend Press).

I’ve been sitting here for eternity. Pretending. Passing time. We both know, but can’t look each other in the eye. You used to carry me on your shoulders and now you struggle to breathe. I don’t want you to go, but yet I can hardly bear to stay.

Another example is this story published on the Paragraph Planet site.

The car sails through the air, as if riding the thermal currents until it feels the effects of gravity and realises it is not a creature of flight, and then it traces an arc against the night sky.

The reality is very different. The front of the car hits the ground on the edge of the hillside and cartwheels downwards until it stops, and the moon casts a glow over the tangled metal landscape.

Here are links to some slightly longer examples.

Write What You (don’t) Know – this article was first published in The New Writer in 2010.

Fairy Stories – this story hasn’t been published, but it is a favourite of mine. I had the initial idea from incidents in my father’s childhood.

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