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Welcome to my world of writing, books and reading.

I read all sorts of books and genres, and as you can see from the images above I also write in a variety of genres.

My latest book Writing the Stars was released on 14 February 2016.  A good date for a book with a romantic theme!

Anna King is an astrologist with a lot of problems in her life. She doesn’t foresee the end of her part-time job as a cook or that her boyfriend is having an affair. When she finds out about both, her belief in her talent is shattered.

Anna and her best friend Corinne need work, but when they don’t have any luck finding jobs, they start a Girl Friday business together. As if they don’t have enough trouble with a new business and a lack of customers, Corinne decides the best way for Anna to rebuild her confidence is to get back into the dating scene.

The book is set here in Auckland, New Zealand and I’ve had heaps of fun choosing the locations for scenes. You can see a variety of them on my Pinterest board.

My next project is a novella linked to Lives Interrupted. Watch this space for more news on that.

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